About VSI INC.

VSI INC. brings together leaders in Chicagoland’s security and detective industries for a single cause… providing a single source for the protection of your assets. With decades of experience in law enforcement, security management and investigations, our elite team of professionals are available to offer the highest level of service.


VSI-logo-RGB-white-outlines-051116VSI INC. specializes in providing detailed professional and responsible security guard services. Our process begins with a comprehensive security plan for each facility we protect. We build security plans that outline effective security guard services down to the exact requirements without compromising your quality of service.

Security planning is a team effort that is coordinated and implemented by an experienced management staff and reliable personnel. VSI INC. management is represented by active law enforcement officers, licensed security contractors, licensed private detectives, investigators and former emergency medicine personnel. All with well over 25 years experience managing personnel and providing security services, our management staff is the key focal point to everyday operations, including the marketing of services, employee performance evaluations, on-site training and on-site uniform inspections. Providing effective management and preventative measures is how we protect our clients’ assets from loss and liability.


When something goes wrong and you have questions, VSI INC. is there to help get answers. VSI INC. offers a full array of investigative services for you. From domestic investigations to corporate fraud detection, VSI INC. will get the answers you need. Our experienced investigators use a variety of traditional investigative and surveillance techniques together with latest technologies and databases to get results faster than any of our competitors often at a fraction of the cost.

When your investments are at stake, you need an elite level of protection and a superior level of service. VSI INC. is here for you… at your service…


VSI INC. believes with adequate management, in-house training, on-site supervision and company incentives, the job will be done properly for you. Furthermore, VSI INC.’s daily operations are staffed with personnel who have been carefully selected and properly screened to ensure an elite level of commitment and dedication for our clients is met. Furthermore, VSI INC.’s recruitment efforts have been carefully designed and enhanced to attract career-minded professionals for long term professional employment. The “Promoting from within” program has contributed to a stable and reliable workforce with a high standard of integrity and dedication.

All security personnel regardless of their previous training or experience are required to attend the VSI INC.’s pre-employment training program. The training program exclusively focuses on preparing the security officer to serve the client and not just to be a person in uniform on the premises. VSI INC.’s training is designed too familiarize and prepare security officers with the standards of protocol for corporate, commercial, industrial, hospital, residential, retail and parking structure security. The security personnel’s objective is to place strong emphasis on human relations and customer service, with a primary goal to deter incident from your property. Finally, the ultimate goal is to provide a safe, secure and comfortable environment to you and your tenants, clients or patrons and to protect life and property.

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