Process Servers

Not all process servers are the same. VSI INC. employs experienced investigators and off-duty law enforcement officers to issue service of process in the Chicagoland area. Supported by VSI INC.’s team of investigators, our process servers using all the latest investigative techniques and technology to locate subjects and get the project done.


  • Subpoenas and Summones
  • Illinois Court Filings & Court Orders
  • Complaints and Petitions
  • 5-Day and 30-Day Notices



First attempt is made within 3-5 business days of the receipt of papers and payment.

We can perform service of all legal process, including Service of Summons, Rule, Citation, Notice and Order to an individual defendant.

First attempt is made with 24 hours of the receipt of papers and payment.

We can perform expedited service of all legal process within the Chicagoland area for both local and out-of-area clients.




  1. 1. If a motion for a special process server is needed, please call us for the name and contact information of your process server. Submit the papers to be served. If substitute service is needed, an additional copy of the papers will be required to be mailed to the defendant. Except as otherwise expressly provided, service of summons upon an individual defendant shall be made
    1. By leaving a copy of the summons with the defendant personally,
    2. By leaving a copy at the defendant’s usual place of abode, with some person of the family or a person residing there, of the 13 years or upwards (depending on local law), and informing that person of the contents of the summons, also send a copy of the summons in a sealed envelope with postage fully prepaid, addressed to the defendant at his or her usual place of abode.
    3. Service on private corporation, partnerships and partners, voluntary unincorporated associations will be made according to the Illinois Rules of Civil Procedure.
    4. You must inform us of any specific procedural and/or legal requirements contrary to our normal procedure in writing to be able to accommodate your needs.
  2. We will make repeated diligent attempts to serve the papers to the defendant(s) at the address given. Additional addresses will incur the Standard or Rush Service fee again. A due diligence report will be provided if service upon the defendant(s) is deemed impractical after repeated attempts at your request. We will work hard to try to insure every paper is delivered. When your papers are served they are delivered timely and properly.
  3. We will promptly return your Affidavit by US Mail and as a scanned email attachment.

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